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Residential Care

While somewhat more established than some types of community-based care, residential care is still subject to constant regulatory and technological pressures. Seamless connectivity and innovative technologies are critical as your strive to improve care quality and business success across your organisation.

Local Telecom, an award-winning technology provider, stands at the forefront of this digital transformation. With a commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, we present a vision for connected services that empower residential care providers, including helping care businesses address the impending BT 2025 switch-off. 

Data Connectivity and Integration: A Unified Vision

The Current Landscape

According to HFT’s Sector Pulse Check, assistive technologies are used by three-quarters of home care providers, but only 19% have them as a core part of their service.

Better digital infrastructure delivers improvements in every aspect of your home care delivery and the desired outcomes for your service users.

These include:

  • Accurate, reliable, and secure data informs better decision making in community-based care 

  • Secure infrastructure is essential for your digital systems

  • Protect your business from malware and ransomware attacks

  • Safeguard against data loss with a unified data ecosystem

  • Provide seamless connectivity for the permissioned circle of care

  • Improve the overall quality of care delivered in the community

Residential Care Technology Trends: Digital Approaches

Our Approach

Local Telecom champion the adoption of care management technology and draw on care software, data security and system delivery subject matter experts to deliver what your care business needs now and well into the future. 

  • Care receivers’ privacy is respected while ensuring efficient network management.

Hosting Visibility

  • Care providers can choose the region where their data is stored during account creation.

  • The dashboard displays the hosting region for verification.

Most common problems addressed

  • Incorrect account billing – We will always aim to reduce your bills

  • Legacy products – Future-proof your care service with our superior solutions

  • Incorrect and inefficient historical deals – Address scalability, security and service efficiency

Our Solutions

Our solutions include Cisco Meraki, a crucial tool ensuring data security and compliance within the care sector in the UK. Its robust security features empower care providers to navigate GDPR challenges, safeguard care recipients’ data, and ensure uninterrupted communication during emergencies. Their commitment to privacy and innovation contributes to a safer, connected future for care providers in the UK

Here’s how Cisco Meraki’s security features align with home care sector GDPR requirements

GDPR Compliance


  • Cisco Meraki is committed to protecting customer data entrusted to their cloud-hosted service.

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces specific requirements for companies processing personal data related to offering goods or services to individuals in the EU.

  • Meraki has made improvements to its cloud-hosted service, including dedicated privacy dashboard tools, to align with GDPR standards.

Data Access and Portability


  • Meraki enables customers to export their dashboard data, ensuring transparency and compliance.


  • The “right to be forgotten” is supported, allowing data deletion upon verified requests.


  • Data processing can be restricted based on GDPR requirements

Consent Tools


  • Enhanced splash page functionality allows care providers to give notice and obtain necessary consents from network users regarding data collection, processing, and storage.


  • Care receivers’ privacy is respected while ensuring efficient network management.

Hosting Visibility

  • Care providers can choose the region where their data is stored during account creation.

  • The dashboard displays the hosting region for verification.

The BT 2025 Switch-Off: Navigating Change

Why It Matters

By 2025, the existing analogue technology (the PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network) that has supported phone and broadband services for decades will be switched off and replaced with newer digital technology.

Impact on Community-based Care Settings

Community-based care providers (which can include complex care and supported living in some circumstances) rely heavily on communication systems for emergency services, alarms, and security. The switch to digital landlines poses challenges and opportunities.


Seamless Connectivity

Digital landlines will be easier to maintain and will underpin many new digital services for homes and businesses, providing a better service for customers.

Preparation for a Full Fibre Future

The switch-off aligns with the UK Government’s gigabit connectivity ambitions, preparing the country for a Full Fibre future.


Emergency Communication

Digital Voice does not function during power failures. In emergencies, when power is out, people’s homes, supported living and other places of care delivery, may be unable to communicate with emergency services promptly.


Compatibility with Existing Systems

Some panic button systems and alarms used in community-based care settings may be incompatible with Digital Voice, posing risks to peoples’ safety.


A Safer, Connected Future with Local Telecom Healthcare

Local Telecom, and partners, stand ready to empower care providers. By fostering collaboration, embracing data-driven insights, and staying ahead of technological advancements, we ensure seamless connectivity and improved outcomes. The future of high quality, efficient care lies in connectivity, security, innovation, and compassionate use of technology.

Local Telecom encourage care providers to sign up for a FREE AUDIT by a specialist to discuss:

- Bill reduction

- Possible incorrect billing on your account

- Incorrect historical deals

- Legacy products

- Assess your business communication infrastructure and disaster recovery measures.

Identify your digital opportunities, and enhance care quality for those in your care

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